Let’s change

the world together.

Your opportunities at TPM Engineers are manifold, depending on your personal experience and background.

With you we will be part of a knowledge society, understand the complex technological change and together with our clients we will explore exciting new paths and make them sustainable for the future.

Contract & Claim Management.

At TPM, we focus on projects that are relevant to the ambitious expansion targets of renewable energy sources in climate protection, but also ensure security of supply.

As experts in Contract & Claim Management, we create contract management solutions based on detailed facts, in-depth analyses and research. These solutions are designed for projects that involve the expansion of wind power generation and the construction of major interregional transmission networks.


and Team Spirit.

Consulting thrives on and through personalities, but is also a team sport. From day one, you will receive intensive professional and personal support. We empower you to do your best. We share the visions of our company and the meaning of our daily existence with you, as well as comprehensible, proven and promising solutions. In this way, we enable not only performance and rapid advancement, but also a solid balance between work, leisure and family.


Find out if TPM is right for you. We don’t set limits for you, but open up new perspectives.

Talk to us about your wishes and goals. Together we’ll find out how we can realize them.

During your studies.

Are you passionate about your subject and want to get involved in something new and broaden your horizons? Get to know us as an intern or join us as a working student. Job advertisement for interns and working students. Job advertisment Praktikant:in und Werkstudent:in

After graduation.

You want to work with the best people, see more, progress faster, be supported and challenged, but also be personally advanced? Job advertisment Associate Consultant

With work experience.

Have you already developed into a sought-after specialist? Or do you have entrepreneurial flair, strategic and analytical skills? Are team spirit and creativity the hallmarks of your practical experience? We appreciate that! At TPM Engineers you will work in your field of expertise from day one as a Consultant, Senior Consultant, Partner:in



Rames Reese

Rames Reese

“Being the pioneer of the work of the future in the project business, writing success stories together and achieving quality leadership every day through accurate and tireless work, becoming the Leading Edge Consultancy in Contract & Claim Management, that is my benchmark. Together we shape the changes with our clients that are as sustainable as they are significant.”

Till Neupert

“Working on challenging projects that are socially relevant brings me joy. Constantly questioning the status quo with the goal of finding innovative, yet simple, practical and convincing solutions is my aspiration. With these solutions we inspire our customers, because they can focus on their core business. In addition, I like to pass on my knowledge and experience to our younger employees.”

Carsten Hansen

“My insights and knowledge from a variety of projects in the wind industry environment and as a self-employed entrepreneur help me to remain curious about the changes in the working world to this day. Internally, I am helping to shape and develop the company today in the hope that we will make the leap to the top and grow faster than the latecomers.”

Bert Heinrich

“As an entrepreneur, I am intensively concerned with the question of how leadership and management must be shaped in the context of strategy – culture – structure in the new world of work. We want to actively shape and establish this understanding of leadership in TPM.”


Get to know a new world.

At TPM, everyone receives the support that fits their individual needs and level of knowledge. Experienced mentors are by your side from the beginning. Every month, you’ll receive feedback, complete training sessions, and learn how to use your skills to the fullest in record time.


TPM offers you individual, sometimes steep career paths. We therefore rely on a high degree of flexibility in your career planning. On the way to leadership, phases are also possible in which your personal growth takes center stage: be it time for your family, further education or the realization of a lifelong dream..


TPM gives you a high degree of flexibility and supports you in the daily challenges of life. How do I secure my pension? What further education and training concepts do I have? Can I plan my career? Can I also work in a home office? Or can I even get a temporary leave of absence to pursue personal projects? This way you can realize your professional goals without neglecting your private ones. Work-life balance.